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SEPAR International is one of the industry’s leading providers of high-risk safety and security training

We are a Highfield approved training centre and we currently work with a variety of sovereign governments, NGOs, media organisations, corporate entities and individuals. We help prepare our clients for entry into, and to have a sustained presence within, high risk and hostile environments.

What we deliver


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Hostile Environment First Aid  Training (HEFAT) is practical holistic training that combines theory with highly realistic simulation. It is designed to equip individuals with the skills to work in high-risk environments as safely as possible whilst practicing 'do no harm'. This course is aimed at media organisations, production teams, NGOs, aid agencies, oil and gas corporations, consultants, security personnel and humanitarian workers travelling to remote and high-risk areas.

We cover situational awareness, risk assessments, planning & preparation, kidnap and ransom, personal security, counter surveillance, firearms and IED awareness, indirect fire, drone threat and marauding firearms attack, civil unrest, gender and LGBTQ+ safety, fixers and sources, checkpoint negotiations, trauma care, vehicle safety, psychosocial care and all forms of digital security.

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SEPAR International Training

Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE)

SAFE training focuses on fragile and complex regions where the main threat is from crime or terrorism. The course is aimed at anyone who travels to potentially challenging areas and needs to provide a duty of care to themselves or their staff. This 4-day course has enough information and training to provide peace of mind, and self-protection.

We cover individual security plans, terrorist threats and unknown hazards, using public transport safely, hotel and public space security, situational awareness, decision making lone worker safety, cultural and gender considerations, radio communications, self-defence and conflict resolution, navigation, medical trauma training, grab bags, loss of liberty/kidnap and ransom, firearms and IED awareness, travel tips, journey management, crime mitigation, drink tampering and much more.

Previously we’ve trained UK government departments, including the FCDO, law enforcement agencies, media organisations, NGOs and humanitarians, adventure travel and educational groups, plus individual consultants, contractors, and security professionals.

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SEPAR International – operations, training & advisory


We are a recognised provider of First Aid courses and mental health first aid training, delivering accredited training at locations across the UK and overseas. Our instructors deliver engaging sessions and ensure that you have the understanding and confidence required to administer high quality first aid. All our courses meet recommendations underlined by the HSE and RQF, with accreditation from OFQUAL / RQF. You can be confident that you are receiving a high-quality training experience whilst satisfying all your legal requirements.

Our open courses are a great option for individuals. Our in-house courses for organisations mean that up to 12 people can be trained in one session and if desirable, we can always travel to you.

We run the following certified Ofqual/RQF courses:

  • 3-day First Aid at Work level 3
  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work level 3
  • 1 day and 2-day Paediatrics for children and infants level 3
  • FREC 3
  • Catastrophic Bleeding Control Course
  • Mental health first aid
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Medical Training at SEPAR International

Woman self-defence and personal security training

This course is designed to develop our client’s personal safety when working, living, or travelling overseas.  It’s aimed at women travellers, lone workers, women refuges,  and charities. Our woman self-defence and personal security training is delivered to women by women.

This training has a low-key, fun, common-sense approach that raises awareness and defence through a mixture of classroom lessons and practical scenario-based modules. Our one-day course covers conflict management and self-protection theory, followed by hands-on self-defence training.

We cover situational awareness, personal safety, safe journey management, taxi and public transport safety, drink tampering, suspicious activity, home security, predator behavioural traits, conflict management / conflict resolution, gender, sexual harassment, impact factors, fear response, signs of escalation, de-escalation strategies, communication, the law and use of force, human rights, steps to violence, reactionary gap, edged weapon awareness, and basic self-defence.

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Female Self-defence and Personal Security Training - SEPAR Internattional

Other specialist security training courses we deliver

We can offer a variety of other courses, including Counter Terrorism Awareness Training and Critical Incident Response Training. We are also open to crafting bespoke courses around our client’s specific requirements.

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SEPAR International Training

How we deliver it

SEPAR International TrainingSEPAR International Training

Our training philosophy is one of ‘DO NO HARM’. There are no unnecessary scare tactics, trauma or excessive stress in our courses. Our approach is accessible, user-friendly, collaborative. It gives attendees a rounded experience and greater reassurance ahead of deployment to challenging environments.

Where we deliver it

We host much of our training at our state-of-the-art training venue in Hereford, but we can also deliver our courses wherever our clients require.

In addition to the UK, we have had a long-term training presence and permanent team in Kenya. This has allowed us to work with NGOs and journalists in a variety of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We currently also provide training in Ukraine.

Talk to us about Training

If you are seeking either security or logistical advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Colin Bell
Head of Training