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We are currently active in Afghanistan, Balkans, Bhutan, El Salvador, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and The United States.

We offer up-to-date operational planning, intelligence and swift solutions that includes 24-7 advice, professional deployment and assistance.

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Community Outreach

As part of our corporate social responsibility for the community that we work in, SEPAR International currently participates in a number of community outreach projects in Afghanistan and the UK.   From our vast experience built from years of working with media and NGOs in refugee and IDP camps, SEPAR International has recognised a need to provide help to positively impact the community.

Our work includes providing supplies, shoes and warm clothing to a number of refugees / internally displaced people (IDP’s) located in makeshift camps in Kabul.  We achieve this with a number of local partners and our own employees.

The activity is supported by a UK based school project where children have produced a presentation ‘Save our Feet’ in which they manage the collection and project development to help the many children that roam with bare feet amongst these makeshift camps.

In the freezing winter months, we also supply hot food and drinks once a week where possible in Afghan Refugee Camps.

SEPAR International offers free basic medical training to Afghan NGO’s to help develop their skills, particularly where the organisation doesn’t have the financial ability to provide financial investment.

In the UK the SEPAR International team supports many local charities including St Michael’s Hospice for which our UK Director, Jo, has jointly raised over £70,000 in the past 4 years.

Jo’s latest fund-raiser for St Michael’s Hospice was a full 24hr spinathon which she completed in September 2018.

Our UK Director, Jo, recently swam the length of the channel in a swimming pool in 15hrs 32 minutes to raise over £4,000 for the Help For Heroes charity.

Jo, our UK Director, is a founder member of the Hereford Homeless support group, which supports those living outside, particularly during harsh winter weather, providing clothing, hot food and supplies.

We have raised over £10,000 to help those in need and to provide training to help those seeking to go back to work, as well as household items for those newly housed and funds to help those needing additional support in the winter months.

SEPAR International donates many raffle and auction prizes for local causes. The latest prize was to help raise funds for a 3-year-old girl needing extensive treatment for a brain tumour.

We support an Afghan NGO  run by a group of young adults called Drop and Ride – Drop the Gun and Ride a Bike who promote peace and gender equality through sport.  We have provided free training, equipment and assistance in their fast growing organisation.



SEPAR International has offices, training locations and accommodation in Central Kabul.

We are able to provide risk management, logistical and liaison support throughout Afghanistan working within a low-profile methodology. Our location is not advertised or ‘Googlable’ as part of our security plan. Our office always has at least one Expatriate Risk Management Consultant and a full support staff.

Our excellent chefs cater for all diets with a full service of beverages and a 24 hour kitchen.

Other services that we are able to provide includes:

  • Technical accountability and visibility
  • Translators
  • Fixers
  • Administrative services including governmental liaison
  • Intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Legal services

Threat modeling

Our threat modeling uses a holistic set of methods incorporating physical, digital, psychosocial and gender factors.  Initially the types of threats are identified and coded.  The protagonist stakeholders and actors are identified along with the threatened groups and locations.  Once the data has been processed then a safety and response plan is developed that supports the appropriate group and location.

Digital Security

Many countries do not have any kind of data protection laws so it’s in an organisations interest to develop a policy. It is important to understand the various methods of attack and how to identify and implement the appropriate safeguards. SEPAR is able to present understandable and simple solutions to what is seen as a complex and confusing subject creating systems and continuity plans for the individual and the organisation.

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Global Support

Our global experience enables a far-reaching support mechanism with associations and organisations we work with and ground knowledge ranging from security, transportation, safe locations and access.

Recent locations where we have worked include Bhutan, El Salvador, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Thailand.

We do have access to other locations and many of our consultants have a history of diverse experience and languages.

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Street life in Dhaka, Bangladesh which is one of the most populated cities on the planet with an excess pf 20,000,000. If you are a big ‘traffic fan’ then this is the place for you.
SEPAR Specialists are working… https://t.co/NuBExpMlt7

Chaos and uncertainty in Khartoum, Sudan where there is limited power, lack of mobile phone support and internet.
SEPAR International is on the ground working in Khartoum where the general situation is quite… https://t.co/fxyDwZOqW4

Kurdish gun seller, Northern Iraq / Kurdistan
Please contact us for more information on travel, planning and preparation for any challenging or hostile environment. #riskassessment #training #safety #mosul #erbil… https://t.co/VmBnqCLhhA

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