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We offer up-to-date operational planning, intelligence and swift solutions that includes 24-7 advice, professional deployment and assistance.

We are currently active in Afghanistan, Balkans, Beirut, Bhutan, Central African Republic, Columbia, El Salvador, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, The United Kingdom and The United States.

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What We Do

Crisis Management

Trauma Medical

Woman Training

Driver Skills


Trainer Training



Our training delivers a holistic methodology encompassing:


Gender Considerations

Psycho - Social

Kidnap & Ransom

Physical & Personal Security

Trauma Medical Skills

Digital Security Skills

Counter Surveillance


Meet The Team

Our fabulous team are a group of professionals who are specialists in their field, from operations, medical, security, risk management and strategy our team have been carefully selected to promote and deliver SEPAR services.

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Stephen Smith

Managing Director

Joanne Smith


Lee Parker

Operations Director

Leigh Pitman-Smith

Office Manager

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Rob Gray Bio.JPG
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Phil Cox

Media & Production Safety

Rob Gray

Security & Safety

Mike Millet

Security & Safety

Gemma Atkin

Self Defence

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Nick Stevens bio.JPG

Tom Blakey

Survival & Bushcraft

Paul Vickery

Trauma & Medical

Zahra Juma

Psychosocial Trainer

Nick Stevens

Trauma | PTSD Specialist


Our Clients

A selection of clients we've worked with




Great instructor - you can tell she is a professional and passionate! Would 100% recommend for future applicants

Medical Trauma Delegate

Our NGO Clients

A selection of NGO's who we’ve worked with


Carbon Footprint

SEPAR International employees have continually shown their enthusiasm for the environment through volunteer community projects, such as tree-planting initiatives, energy efficiency and waste reduction projects in our premises across the world.  In recognition and support of this responsibility, the company has made a commitment to carbon neutrality and SEPAR International is on a journey to reduce its carbon emissions and minimise its impact on climate change.  From installing solar panels, recycling and growing our own vegetables at our secure accommodation in Kabul to sending all items from our online shop in recycled materials we are constantly looking for new ways to support the environment.


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