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About SEPAR International

In an increasingly hostile global environment, people and organisations deserve a right to safety

We lead by example and are recognised by our clients as the most trusted, supportive and valued organisation when it comes using creative solutions to solve complex problems across a spectrum of challenging situations.

Our values

Innovative – SEPAR International Values


Nothing is impossible. We are naturally inquisitive, and will always go the extra mile in finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Respectful – SEPAR International Values


We embrace all forms of diversity. This allows us to have greater cultural awareness of the environments in which we operate, and a more sensitive understanding of our clients needs.

Discreet – SEPAR International Values


We believe actions speak louder than words. We are confident in our ability but understated in our approach, whilst always respecting client confidentiality.

Agile – SEPAR International Values


We combine our ‘can do’ spirit with our global reach to ensure we are proactive, fast and flexible when it comes to helping our clients.

Collaborative – SEPAR International Values


We nurture deep and trusted relationships, both internally and with our partners, to ensure we deliver the best integrated solutions.

Human – SEPAR International Values


We believe all humans are equal! Our team and the people we help, aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. We take account of their individual circumstances.

Who we work with

Trusted around the world

"Your knowledge, concern and humour all, without doubt, made this a hugely enjoyable experience. Whilst the subject matter is obviously, at times, distressing you never lost focus on what we, as a team, required. You always wanted to be involved and although this deployment must have been fairly tame to what you are used to, your enthusiasm never waned. I’d happily recommend you to other teams and look forward to another deployment with you in the future."
BBC World
"Thank you so much for organizing the HEAT training, I must say it was very valuable. Your Teams were great and guest speakers were amazing, particularly the ‘Trauma session’ which touched most participants at a personal level in mulitiple ways as we shared our practical experiences. The last exercise was so real, most of us felt scared but were happy we experienced that as part of the training. Above all, thank you for bringing this service closer to INGOs in Afghanistan, makes it very cost effective. We will surely be contacting you should we have new staff joining in the near future. My very best Regards to you and your team of trainers"
"Thank you very much for sharing the training materials as per your promise. In line with this I would like to thank all the SEPAR team members for your commitment and family hood approach. For me it is a timely granted opportunity for the current security condition demands such an important wholistic capacity building. You hit the head of the nail. Thank you, God Bless you and your beloved ones."

Where we deliver it

We are active in many areas of the world. In addition to the operational oversight from our Hereford HQ, we have hubs located in The Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe.

SEPAR International is active in many areas of the worldSEPAR International is active in many areas of the world

Get in touch

If you are seeking either security or logistical advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.