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We did it!!!!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

As we sat down and heard the news about the impending lockdown in January I suddenly thought 'right I need a challenge to get me through this!" My original aim was to walk 100km but after discussing it with the other trustees we soon upped this to 1000km!

We decided that we should utilise our craziness and raise some money at the same time for one of our projects and chose the playground renovation at the Nyumbani Orphanage in Nairobi.

Five of us took part either walking or running and on some of those cold icy days it certainly wasn't easy with injuries and moaning galore, but we did it, we completed 1200kms well ahead of schedule and managed to raise £1560 far exceeding our target!

Leighanne & I walked a marathon which actually turned out to be 30.5 miles as we cannot follow simple directions and Pat's dog did so much running every morning she started to hide!

Huge thanks to all of our supporters who gave so generously and we will soon be back with our next challenge!

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