Why do you need HEAT Refresher Training?

For those of you who travel to hostile locations around the world, Hostile Environment Awareness Training is a vital course for you to attend.

Firstly it is crucial to your wellbeing to be trained in how to travel safely and how to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

Secondly your insurance will be invalid if you you are more than 3 years since your last training course and this is where the SEPAR International Refresher Training is applicable.

If you have already participated in a HEAT course, whether with us or with another provider, you would still need to ensure that you attend a refresher course once every 3 years to keep up your skills and to validate your insurance. Media houses will also insist on you attending before they give you an assignment.

We have these courses running regularly at our 3 offices in Herefordshire in the UK, Kabul in Afghanistan and in Nairobi in Kenya however if you are elsewhere this can of course be arranged. SEPAR International teaches all over the world and are extremely flexible so finding you a spot will be easy!

Our Refresher Training includes:

Trauma Medical Training:

It is important to keep up to date with the ever evolving medical skills that are constantly being updated and fine tuned to today's scenarios - this could save your life or someone else's!

Our experts will present you with a largely practical, in depth and knowledgeable session giving you the skill set to travel and work in challenging environments with confidence.