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Whats new at the SEPAR International Community Foundation!

We have been super busy for the last few months so I thought I would give you an update on what has been happening at the foundation.

We are still awaiting our Charity registration number which has been delayed due to the pandemic so until we get this we can't properly get going with fundraising, we will then be eligible for gift aid with our registration number so an extra 20%!

We have so many fundraising plans in the pipeline from skydiving, £1 text donations, a Fire & Ice black tie ball, fitness challenges and many more!


And this is what it is all about!!!

A few days ago we were thrilled to be able to get a large amount of clothes and supplies out to Kabul and give them directly to the children who need it. We have the unique ability to take items out to war torn countries and personally distribute them wherever needed, we throw so much away here that has nothing wrong with it - why should children simply born in the wrong place not at least have shoes to protect their feet?

Our wonderful colleague Madina went to a poor area of the city and identified those who would benefit from our clothes and gave them out.

This is Ahmad who is 3 years old and lives in absolute poverty in Kabul.

I don't know if Ahmad knows who Spider Man is but he was totally thrilled nonetheless and will be warm on the cold nights and through the winter which are harsh in Afghanistan. He also had no shoes but now has a comfortable pair of £1 flip flops that actually fit him as well as a new outfit. Ahmad's mum is currently pregnant and we were also able to give her some newborn clothes ready for the arrival so she was extremely grateful and sends all of her thanks.

One of the ladies here lost her daughter in the horrific bombing attack 6 days prior to this on a girls school which killed 85 pupils and wounded another 140 and we send her all our love.

Thank you to all who donated their children's clothes and we have stacks more ready and waiting!


We are currently fundraising to replace a playground at the Nyumbani Orphanage for children with HIV & Aids in Nairobi, we visit here often and help out in the kitchens and with the children and noticed that their playground is in disrepair.

This is going to be a big undertaking but we are confident that we can do it and do it well! All of the trustees, friends and families will be travelling out to help get this done as well as lend a hand in the classrooms, kitchen and gardens.


We regularly support several good causes in the UK primarily in our home town of Herefordshire, one of our upcoming projects include providing a home starter pack for ladies leaving the Women's Refuge. Women leaving the refuge and having to start again literally land in their accommodation with nothing so we will be providing a starter pack to include a kettle, toaster, cutlery and crockery to help them start again in their new home.


Hannah wanted to do fundraise for us and signed up for her very first skydive! On Sunday 16th May (her birthday too) she took the plunge and took part in a tandem skydive raising a massive £565 for the charity! She loved every minute and I think this may be the start of a new hobby!!

If you would like to take part in a charity fundraiser please email or send a message on our chat facility on the website.

With love,


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