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Sepoid the dog update!!

From the hiding in a bombed out hole in the ground in Ukraine to eating ice cream and playing with friends in Hereford!

I just wanted to post a quick update on our boy Sepoid who has transformed from a terrified and hungry little boy to a healthy, playful and very sweet soul who has settled into his new family terrifically!

The team from SEPAR are all animal lovers so this little boy stole our hearts since the day we saw his first video when found on the streets of Bucha hiding in a hole next to a burnt out car by our security consultant Dane.

8 days later when we returned to look for him he was still in the same hole, extremely hungry and clearly unable to survive on the streets.

After a trip to the vets we discovered that he was just a baby at approximately 1 and a half years old. We do not know the back story of his life before the war but he craved human attention so we presume he had once had a family of his own.

It took 5 weeks and quite a few euros but we got him home in the end!

One of our project managers Lukas and his family decided that they would give him a home and he has settled in really well over the past couple of weeks and has become the 5th member of their family.

On Sunday we got together for a long walk and he had his first ice cream sat by the river in Hereford - one HAPPY doggie!!! xx

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