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SEPAR International Testimonials (Armed Forces Covenant)

Updated: Apr 24, 2023


Donna – Spouse

Being married to a soldier can be a very solitary life with every responsibility falling on your shoulders. Working a job around having a family of 4 boys and having no family network because you move to a different city or country every two years is very difficult, most employers do not have any understanding of the ‘single parent’ life you lead and do not offer any support or flexible working around your children. SEPAR has been the best job I have had in many years and they support me with my youngest child who is on the ASD spectrum and has melt downs during a school/working day. My employers encourage me to leave and check on him and work from home if necessary, they allow me to attend any medical or school appointments without any questions and make me feel wholly supported in my role within the company.

Louise – Spouse

As a military spouse it is hard to find a job that fits in with moving around, living with uncertainty and last-minute changes. SEPAR International, based in Hereford, is the first company I have found where I can have a flexible role and still work in an office environment. Being married to an Army Officer based in a different county, we as a family decided to set a base in Hereford. As a mother of three boys’ life is a constant juggle living alone during the week. SEPAR has provided me with a flexible role, with hours around school runs and given me the chance to get myself back into office life. They provide support for myself and my family in many ways – they are understanding that I need to sometimes change my hours to fit in with school life, after school activities and holidays and give me the opportunity to work at home if I need to. SEPAR also include my children in all SEPAR activities and have welcomed them into the SEPAR family. I could not ask for a more supportive, understanding, and caring company to work for.


Steve - Veteran

Having left the military after 24 years’ service it was always going to be a struggle adjusting to life outside the Armed Forces. Since being employed within SEPAR International I have become a valued member of the company. Working with like-minded individuals has helped me settle into a job that has improved my mental health and wellbeing.

SEPAR International is a friendly company that has a strong military ethos. It provides support, flexible working hours, and a pressure free working environment.

Having worked in the private sector outside the military for the last decade it has been tough to find work that can be fulfilling where your co-workers understand you as an individual.

SEPAR International has a holistic approach to employment, understanding each member and their various needs, fitting them into roles which builds confidence and harnesses their strengths.

I particularly like SEPAR Internationals charitable work which is a great part of the company allowing me to give back and support others who need help.

Marty – Veteran

I have been working for SEPAR International for the past 7 months. I am an injured Veteran having served in the Army for 28 years. I have disability in my right arm and both hands. My employers have been outstanding and extremely accommodating in meeting my working needs. I also have bipolar disorder and work part time as a result of this… SEPAR International have typically been very understanding of my condition and I feel fully supported as a Veteran and very much invested in. I can state with confidence that working for the company has brought the best out in me.

Dave - Veteran

As a veteran and former Intelligence Corps Warrant Officer, I appreciate the support and care provided to me by the SEPAR International family. You always know that if times get tough there is someone there who will spend the time to sit down and have a coffee and listen.

A lot of us have served in the same places and have the same memories however, the staff members that aren’t veterans are also willing to spend time chatting and that means a lot.

Jon - Veteran

I have worked for SEPAR International for almost 12 months now and couldn’t be happier in a workplace than I am now.

Prior to joining SEPAR I had a couple jobs and one of those was serving in the Royal Artillery for 12 years from 1999 to 2011.

Whilst serving in the Army I had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people and visiting some great countries.

After leaving the forces I had 2 great jobs but nothing was able to fill the void of leaving the Army. I joined SEPAR in 2022 not 100% knowing what to expect.

I can honestly say I believe I have found the job that has given me a purpose! Not only for the work we do here but for the personnel I am surrounded by.

Being a veteran it can sometimes be hard to adapt to different surroundings but being here at SEPAR I can truly say with my hand on my heart I have now filled the void of leaving the

Armed Forces.

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