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As part of our corporate social responsibility for the community that we work in, SEPAR International currently participates in a number of community outreach projects in Afghanistan and the UK.   From our vast experience built from years of working with media and NGOs in refugee and IDP camps, SEPAR International has recognised a need to provide help to positively impact the community.


Community Projects

Our work includes providing supplies, shoes and warm clothing to a number of refugees / internally displaced people (IDP’s) located in makeshift camps in Kabul.  We achieve this with a number of local partners and our own employees.

The activity is supported by a UK based school project where children have produced a presentation ‘Save our Feet’ in which they manage the collection and project development to help the many children that roam with bare feet amongst these makeshift camps.


Neema International - Tanzania

SEPAR International currently sponsor a child at the Tuleeni orphanage in Tanzania.  Neema International invests in the youth of Tanzania through innovative education-based projects that synergize environmental and economic sustainability with creative learning and community engagement.

Quality education, positive adult-child relationships, and adequate health and nutrition are essential to children’s development. Neema International provides a multilateral, place-based intervention that meets these needs. Children gain the opportunity to become architects of their own futures and escape the cycle of poverty they were born into.

Foundation Trustees

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Joanne Smith

Trustee - Vice Chair

Jo has been involved in charitable work for many years and to date has raised over £150,000 in fundraising projects in the UK and internationally alongside volunteering.

Jo is one of the founding members of the Hereford Homeless Support group and continues to volunteer in the city.  She is also responsible for starting projects such as 'Save Our Feet' donating shoes from the UK to children in refugee camps in Afghanistan and providing free training places.

After being elected Vice Chair Jo will be concentrating on fundraising and finding projects to support.

Leighanne Pitman-Smith

Trustee - Fundraising

Leighanne has been involved in the majority of Jo's projects over their 27 year friendship providing a solid base for any crazy ideas!

Her experience and kind nature makes her a wonderful asset to the foundation's fundraising team ensuring that targets are met whilst always joining in on the challenges.

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Anna Roby-Welford

Trustee - Marketing

Bio to follow shortly.....

Nicki Roberts

Trustee - Treasurer

Nicki is a keen volunteer for several charities with particular focus on supporting women and children.
With a career in finance and strategic leadership and a passion for International Development Nicki is excited to use her experience in achieving goals and doing things with real impact. Nicki is energetic, enthusiastic and feminist, a great package for making a real difference! 
As Treasurer for the Charity Nicki will ensure every penny is accounted for and used for its intended purpose and will ensure we remain compliant.

Pat Churchward

Trustee - Fundraising

Pat is originally a French teacher and mother of 4 daughters started business in 1986 with a retail market stall, then High St sports shop then progressing into Mail order.  Pat now runs a farm and wedding venue business in Herefordshire. 
Her - sometimes annoying - sense of civic duty means I love to help charities if I can.... usually just in thr form of energy and enthusiasm! 
She is also a committee member at a newly formed Rotary Club in Hereford.

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