Business Risk Management

Business risk management in a hostile environment is essential in protecting both your assets and personnel.

An organisation has it own particular requirements in a challenging environment that necessitates a bespoke solution in terms of security and risk management. We can provide accurate and timely intelligence and information in regards to cultural, political, legal, environmental, threat and risk data. We are able to conduct research and business intelligence in your chosen location to enable your organisation to function effectively and safely. We can help your business operation to establish itself both administratively and legally and identify many of the idiosyncrasies that governments have in challenging and hostile environments.

SEPAR International has a number of specialist experts who can help with your organisations development and conduct its business cost effectively and efficiently whilst identifying and reducing all of the associated risks. Whatever your requirements, we are able to offer a rapid response.

Services that we provide include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Hostile environment specific legal and administrative research and planning
  • Business risk management planning and management
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • Evacuation planning and management
  • Intelligence and information
  • Risk and threat management
  • Hostile environment specific risk management planning and management
  • Security surveys, risk assessments and organisational security management design
  • Security and risk management training
  • Staff security and health and safety training

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