Our Trauma Medical Kit has been designed with practicality, quality and ease of use in mind.

Separ Trauma Medical Kit

SEPAR International has created this medical kit for travelling to hostile environments as well as everyday use.

Our Trauma Medical Kit can be a life saving investment for those travelling across the globe.  It has been specifically designed by our professional medical training team to include everything you would need to deal with a major trauma situation.  All of the items are tried and tested and have been put together for practicality, quality and ease of use.  The outer pack is a Grullin Tactical Mollie system that can attach in a variety of positions that is easily detachable for immediate use.

Individual item images and descriptions are listed below.

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Lives can be saved with some of the essential items in this pack such as a tourniquet which can stem major bleeding or a nasopharyngeal which can open the airway.  Incidents where lives could have been potentially saved but no one in the group had been carrying a trauma medical pack are numerous.

This Trauma Medical Kit is for those travelling across the world and into hostile environments such as journalists, NGO’s, business travellers, government officials, adventure travellers, security operatives, consultants and many more.

For any queries or medical training enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch:

jo@separinternational.com / +44 7568 312825

Trauma Medical Kit Contents

  • NON WOVEN STERILE SWABS - X 2 Specifications: Size: 10cm x 10cm, 4 ply, Sterile
  • TRIANGULAR BANDAGE - X 1 Specifications: Size: 90cm x 90cm x 127cm, Single use, Sterile
  • NITRILE GLOVES - X 2 Specifications: 2 pairs, One size
  • SAFETY PINS - X1 Specifications: (pack mixed sizes), Assorted sizes, Non sterile
  • TRAUMA SHEERS - X1 Specifications: Non Sterile, One Size
  • HEMOSTATIC WOUND CLOT TRAUMA GAUZE DRESSING - X1 Specifications: Size: 8cm x 20cm, Sterile
  • HAEMORRHAGE BANDAGE - X1 Specifications: Size: 6”, 2 non adherent pads, Sterile
  • LIGHT STICK - X1 Specifications: Size: 6”, 8 hours duration, White
  • SAM SPLINT XL - X1 Specifications: Size: 36”, Weight: 5.9oz, Reusable
  • SKIN CLOSURE STRIPS. - X2 Specifications: Size: 3mm x 75mm, 5 pcs, Sterile
  • RUSSELL CHEST SEAL - X1 Specifications: Size: 8” x 6”, Sterile, Single use
  • LARGE STERILE DRESSING - X2 Specifications: Size: 18cm x 18cm
  • MICROPOROUS TAPE - X1 Specifications: Size: 2.5cm x 10cm
  • RESUSCITATION FACE SHEILD - X2 Specifications: Single use
  • EMERGENCY FOIL BLANKET - X1 Specifications: Size: 140cm x 204cm
  • BURN GEL DRESSING - X2 Specifications: Size 10cm x 10cm
  • RELIWASH STERILE EYEWASH - X Specifications: Size: 20ml pod
  • Heavy Duty Set: Rip Away EMT First Aid Kit.
  • Emergency Survival Gear Bag.