SEPAR's Top Personal Travel Safety Tips

Risk cannot be 100% avoided but it can be reduced and managed.

  1. Keep your passport and money hidden using a money belt or similar.  If you use a bag make sure it can go across your body with the pockets turned inwards, this prevents bag snatching and anyone putting their hands in your bag.  Do not use your back pocket for keeping your phone or valuables – this is the first place a pickpocket will look!  For further information please see:
  2. Write down emergency information for the country you are travelling in just in case you should need it.  Keep it stored in your phone’s notes or on a small laminate card to protect from adverse weather. For advice on emergency situations abroad please see:
  3. Email your travel plans to trusted friends/family and double check that they have received it.  Tell them your general plans, where you are going and when and check in with them every few days.  For further advice on planning your trip please see:
  4. Do not share your travel plans on social media or with people that you have just met or in public places such as cafes, bars or in taxis.
  5. Hide emergency cash/credit card separately for worst case scenarios.
  6. Research the weather and any environmental hazards in the countries of your choice allowing you to pack appropriately & prepare for any warnings.  For further advice see:
  7. Travel with others – a group is less of a target to thieves and predators.
  8. Stay alert – Alchohol and drugs can impair decisions and make you more vulnerable.
  9. Only take registered taxis preferably with their licence and photograph displayed matching the driver.
  10. Bring only what you really need, expensive cameras and watches will only draw attention to you.
  11. Bring small denominations of currency – large sum notes draw attention!
  12. Pack a doorstop to take with you in case any of your hostel/hotel room doors do not have locks, place this under the door at night to prevent anyone from entering.
  13. Only withdraw money from bank counters as ATM’s are at risk of ‘skimming’ with many cases being reported.
  14. Be health conscious – get the appropriate vaccinations, use bottled water (always check the seal is intact) to drink and brush your teeth with, ensure bites and scratches are kept clean and treated.  Pack a basic first aid kit. For vaccination and health advice see
  15. Make sure you have an electronic record of all flights, travel plans, emergency numbers and bank numbers in case you have to cancel a credit card.