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Jacob Price

Operations Administrator 

I have the pleasure at SEPAR International to undergo daily operation administration tasks, within this also a lot of analytical work and managing data which can vary daily. 


At college I went through a three-year public service course. The public service course taught me a lot about working within the public services sector and believe I learnt a lot of transferable skills that I have used within my personal and work life.

Previously I have worked in a variety of sectors most of my previous career background has been security related 


My main hobby which i dedicate and usually plan my day around is gym. Training doesn’t just help me with transforming my body but also with setting targets and achieving them along with pushing myself out of my comfort zone daily. Before the gym I trained in boxing for 4+ years and it taught me great discipline and what can truly be achieved if you work hard and put your mind to it. 


I have always wanted to make a positive change to this world and working at SEPAR International has given me the opportunity to do this.

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