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Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr Script Download Pdf robwal




Will Miss M. look out for a millionaire caller? YOUNG MILLIE: (At other side of stage, to MILLIE.) When you were a child, my mother told you there was a lamp on the mantelpiece and she’d drop some toys in it for me. It was the lamp, not the lampshade, which caught fire. Miss M. (on left) is a little upset. MAIN CURTIAN: I don’t suppose you remember this? YOUNG MILLIE: No. MAIN CURTIAN: Well, you were two then. My mother told you then the lamp was on the mantelpiece, and she was careful to tell you not to go near the mantelpiece. She told you that it was dangerous. You were only three or four years old. YOUNG MILLIE: I don’t remember that at all. MAIN CURTIAN: You do now. YOUNG MILLIE: (Sotto voce.) No, I don’t. I don’t remember a lamp or a mantelpiece. I don’t remember any of it. I was only two. MAIN CURTIAN: I mean just before you were two. YOUNG MILLIE: My mother made all the toys? MAIN CURTIAN: She was in the basement then. YOUNG MILLIE: In the basement? MAIN CURTIAN: She was in the basement and on the steps, and you were in her arms. YOUNG MILLIE: How did I get here? MAIN CURTIAN: Nobody knows. The room was dark and the nearest streetlight was on the other side of the corner. YOUNG MILLIE: I had a baby brother? MAIN CURTIAN: Yes. YOUNG MILLIE: I thought it was an accident. MAIN CURTIAN: No, it was deliberate. It was an accident that my mother stopped talking when she saw it was a boy. YOUNG MILLIE: (Pause) If I go with you, would you let me come again? (MILLIE goes with MAIN CURTIAN to the elevator. Before they go, MAIN CURTIAN tells MILL




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Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr Script Download Pdf robwal

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