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Top Ten Tips for Digital Security!

We get asked a lot "what are the basic digital security measures I should be implementing to stay safe online?"

We have compiled our Top Ten Tips for your easy use!

1: Software:

Think before you download software

Only download from original sources

Update your software especially your operating software and antivirus

Check your mobile app permissions

2. Passwords:

Test password strength (

Create a PassPhrase (not a Password) e.g. instead of Donkeys as a password consider \DOnk3ys#@r3#NOt#Mul3$/

More than 8 characters & should include numbers, upper & lower cases and symbols

Avoid using the same password for several accounts

If possible use a password manager

Always secure laptops and phones with passwords, patterns or biometrics

3. Wireless Connections:

If you do not need to use it, disconnect it, bluetooth is particularly easy to hack

Rename portable devices if they have an easily identifiable name e.g. device model, personnel name, company name

Avoid public Wifi, if there is an urgent need to use it verify Wifi names & passwords, install a firewall, VPN & antivirus

4. Profile Management:

Avoid oversharing online especially on social media & social networking services

Check your privacy settings on your online services

5: Backup:

Create regular backups of your data

Online (cloud) & offline (external drive) can be utilised

6. Communications:

Avoid sharing sensitive communication e.g. HTTP websites & ordinary mobile calls & texts

Use secure communication apps to share sensitive information e.g. Whatsapp, Signal or Jisti

7: Internet Access:

Avoid registering on HTTP websites that require registration

Be aware of suspicious emails which may be phishing for information

Avoid clicking on suspicious links, copy (do not click) link and verify on URL verifiers such as or

Apps to help reduce the threat include HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger & AdBlock Plus

8. Encryption:

Encrypt your communications using secure applications such as VPN's e.g Psiphon Pro or Communication apps e.g. whatsapp, Signal, Wire, Jitsi

Encrypt computer (BitLocker and FitVault) & mobile phones

9. Situational Awareness:

Be aware of your surroundings as you utilise your digital devices

When making a call, be aware of those around you

When using your computer (and credit cards) be aware of those around you, CCTV cameras and window reflections

10: Digital Hygiene:

Empty trash bin in digital computer & applications

Delete history, cookies, cache & temporary files

Ensure antivirus is always running (firewall is a great bonus)

​SEPAR is able to present understandable and simple solutions to what is seen as a complex and confusing subject creating systems and continuity plans for the individual and the organisation. Our next online event is on 26th April offering training in Digital Safety and Security. For more information click HERE

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