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1000km in lockdown!

Our crazy team of trustees are getting off our Christmas enhanced butts to walk, run or cycle 1000km during this lockdown (finishing on the 15th Feb) to raise money to replace a playhouse at an orphanage in Nairobi.

The Nyumbani orphanage looks after over 100 children who all have either HIV or AIDS and have been orphaned or abandoned.

On a recent volunteering project we spent some time in the playground and saw that their playhouse is in a state of disrepair with planks of wood missing and nails sticking out.

We would love to be able to go over and support this wonderful place by replacing the children’s playhouse and possibly other equipment giving the beautiful kids of all ages there a safe place to play. We know that times are difficult but we really would appreciate any amount that you are able.

If we have any donations over £10 we will enter the name into our raffle with some wonderful prizes to be announced over the next month.

Love Pat, Leigh, Anna, Lee & Jo xx

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