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Our Community Foundation

Here is a short bio about us so that you can see who we are, what we are trying to achieve and where we are in our journey!

Our team of trustees is made up of 6 people with varying professional skills but who are all passionate about making a difference in the world to those less fortunate. Working primarily, but not exclusively, with women and children we endeavour to lend a helping hand who need clothing, food and supplies.

With current projects in Afghanistan, Kenya and the UK we aim to increase our reach and help as many as we can. Our charity status application is underway and submitted and we are just waiting for our registration number which is why for now our justgiving page is registered as a personal page. As soon as we have our registration number this will be changed immediately so that we can also be eligible for gift aid.

Our first group fundraising challenge is already underway, throughout the January lockdown 5 of us are either walking / running 1000km to raise funds for when are able to get going in 2021! Our first possible trip is to an orphanage in Nairobi which cares for children with HIV & AIDS. Their work is truly incredible and we were blown away on our last visit by the scale of their task. We would like to help in a small way by replacing their play house so that they are able to play safely outdoors.

If you would like to contribute it would be hugely appreciated. Alternatively please feel free to DONATE HERE

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