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General Elections, Kenya.

The General Elections are underway in Kenya. As such The U.S. embassy in Nairobi has advised its citizens against travelling to the city of Kisumu during election season. The State Department has imposed movement restrictions on personnel and advised citizens be vigilant and only visit the city if necessary.

Please see below information including hot spot mapping obtained from the NCIC (National Cohesion and Integration Commission):

The Embassy has stated "Out of an abundance of caution, the Embassy has imposed movement restrictions on personnel in Kisumu. The State Department reminds U.S. citizens of the continued need for sustained vigilance".

Kenya has periodically experienced pre-electoral violence during election cycles by way of demonstrations & rallies. These are likely to block key intersections and cause traffic jams at the least, potentially cutting off safe passages of travel. Demonstrations have previously been violent and caution is advised.

SEPAR Africa, is able to provide experienced expatriate and local specialists in security management, digital security, psychosocial care and logistical support.

We can be contacted on or +44 (0) 7568 312825

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