Entry Restrictions for Kenya and Travel Advisories

As is the case with many countries, there are certain restrictions on travelling to Kenya. For example, the majority of foreigners are not able to enter the country without a visa and the requirements vary depending on the nationality of the visitor.

In general, Kenya is a very accessible country. There are few restrictions that would prevent most travellers from visiting the sovereign state under normal circumstances.

Foreign visitors are advised that the coronavirus Kenyan travel ban has been lifted and it is possible to apply for a Kenyan visa online. Travellers who wish to plan their trip, then, can obtain their permission to enter the country.

Please note that as this is an ongoing situation, changes and new restrictions may be implemented at a moment’s notice to ensure the safety of travellers and the Kenyan population. It is highly recommended to check the latest news and follow the government’s instructions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) entry restrictions for Kenya

On the 26th March 2021 President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a new lockdown due to the rising numbers of cases. All travel into of out of Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiadu, Machakos and Nakuru is prohibited and a new curfew of 8pm to 4pm will be observed. Elsewhere in the country the original curfew of 10pm to 4pm will stay in place and international travel can continue.

International airline services have been flying to Kenya since August 1st as the country reopened its borders to foreign tourists. Domestic flights, which had also been temporarily halted, restarted as of 15th July.

Tourism is important to the economy of Kenya and the African nation is welcoming visitors back.