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SEPAR International - Afghanistan Evacuation Embassy Information

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Given the changing circumstances in Afghanistan and globally from government supporting Afghan nationals evacuating Afghanistan this information is subject to change.

For the latest intelligence information from provinces in Afghanistan please access our Online intelligence report

The US led NATO evacuation has now finished.

The 1st September saw a Qatari military flight arrive in Kabul bringing in military personnel and technical staff in preparation to resume international airport civilian operations.

Initially until the cut off date of the 31st August the Taliban agreed with US led NATO forces ensuring safe passage to Hamid Karzai International Airport for Afghans in Kabul. It soon became apparent that the Taliban were not sticking to their agreement, and negotiations led by the US State Department were made to the Taliban to help ensure safe passage. British and French forces were involved in retrieval operations within the city where the US were unable as this would be in violation of their agreement with the Taliban, and was beyond the dedicated capacity of forces on the ground.

If you are asked for your location, please provide accurate coordinates. The street address system in Kabul does not match up with government or open source mapping systems, which may mean troops and consular staff cannot successfully locate you.

You should bring as few belongings as possible; no pets, and ensure you have your ID and documentation with you. Only one piece of small hand luggage (e.g. a handbag) is allowed, and this is subject to space limitations - there have been occasions where space is so tight no hand luggage has been boarded. Please be aware that they are boarding flights with people as the priority; not items, as hard as that may be.

For US Flights:

U.S. citizens, LPRs, and their spouses and unmarried children (under age 21) should travel to Hamid Karzai International Airport.   You should plan to enter the airport at Sullivan for evacuation flights. If you arrive at Sullivan Gate, and are told they aren’t taking more people in/no one is there to process you - stay there and wait. Estimated current backlog is 26hrs. To get there, from the HKIA Airport South Traffic Circle, head east for 1km and turn right on to Camp Sullivan.   Please note that gates may change frequently and that we will provide updates as necessary. Places on flights will be first come, first served within two priority categories. Category One will be those who hold U.S. Citizenship or proof of LPR status with documents; Category Two will be those who hold these statuses but do not have documentation to that effect. If you do not meet these requirements; please shelter in place until you are contacted by US staff that an evacuation flight has you on its manifest.

For Non-US Flights:

Listen to information from the appropriate embassy/source you are coordinating with. Most embassies are currently requesting you shelter in place until you are contacted to come to the airport. Do not depart until you are contacted regarding a flight: you will not be granted entry to the airport unless you are due to board a scheduled flight. You should be ready to leave your home quickly upon receiving your flight information.

The traffic surrounding HKIA is busy, expect traffic jams, and be mindful of planning to arrive at the airport before curfew sets in (9pm to 6am). The airport is continuing to operate 24hrs, and evacuation staff are not observing the curfew. This may mean you are asked to get to the airport at a time the Taliban have prevented: try and assess the risk, and make your way to the airport as soon as you can. Flights are being boarded first come, first served; but will continue for some time and there is a backlog, so do what you can within your comfort level.

Please note that there are unlikely to be any repatriation attempts for those who are not in, or cannot get to, Kabul. If you are able to do so safely, relocate to the capital as quickly as possible; alongside ensuring you have pursued the most appropriate evacuation route, and send updated location information to the contact listed once you arrive. The US government has confirmed that they cannot ensure safe passage to the airport: you must make your own arrangements.

Map of Taliban Checkpoints (Work in Progress, note there are additional kinetic patrols not marked on the map):

Support Refugees

Nation-State Requirements Contact


Priority to those who worked with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Armed Forces. NGO Staff may also apply through this system, with slightly different United States

Non-U.S. Citizens awaiting an Immigrant Visa may be processed after US citizens and those with Lawful Permanent Residency. United StatesAfghans with SIV approved or pending 1-603-334-0828 For emergencies, call +1-202-501-4444 +1-888-407-4747 +1-703-693-0799

United Kingdom

Any current or former Locally Employed Staff assessed to be at serious risk of threat to life will be offered priority relocation to the UK regardless of their employment status, rank or role, or length of time served.  +44 (0)1908 516666 The mobile number for emergencies provided is no longer functioning. No clear explanation.


Those who worked with the German government or military are prioritised, also valuable for those who have engaged in EU-funded human rights activities in Netherlands

Those who worked with the Netherlands are prioritised, also valuable for those who have engaged in EU-funded human rights activities in Afghanistan. Dutch expected to include female journalists and humanitarians soon, due to a parliamentary vote. Details +31 247 247 247 +31 6 82388055 (WhatsApp)


Will support those covered by the 2013 Interpreters Act. This includes those who assisted the Danish effort in Afghanistan and who are directly menaced or imperiled as a result of having assisted the Danish effort. Will include immediate family, the local employee's spouse / cohabitant and unmarried children under the age of 18, as well as anyone you are responsible for e.g. a more distant disabled family member.Danish Embassy in Kabul ( Danish Embassy in Islamabad ( Danish Military for Interpreter Requests (


Afghan citizens or residents who worked with the Belgian military, embassy or related missions: formally, through contractors or as ‘fixers’ may be considered for humanitarian +92 51 265 41 01 +92 51 265 41 02 +92 51 265 41 03 +92 51 265 41 04 +92 300 855 02 27


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Swedish Armed Forces or Swedish Embassy.‘Contact 2021’ in the subject line to the following email address: Czech Republic

Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic or affiliated entities, including interpreters and their families.


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Spanish military and embassy operations in Afghanistan, including interpreters and their +93-202-310-406 (Cannot at this time confirm as still in operation)


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Italian Embassy and Mission in


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Swiss government, even where contracted through agencies. Swiss confirmed they will only take small numbers, restricted to those they (Kabul staff are in Doha) Turkey

Turkey is processing expedited visas and providing consular services for those of Turkish origin or ancestry, who would ordinarily be able to apply.+93 79 782 82 83 (Kabul) +93 79 840 11 77 (Mazar) +93 79 182 79 76 (Herat) +90 312 292 2929 (MOFA Call Centre) India

Those who are of Indian heritage, nationality or hold citizenship; as well as Shi’a and other minorities including Hazara, Hindus and Sikhs who face increased risk from Taliban. Afghan applicants are currently having their visa requests expedited.+91 97 17 78 5379 +91 11 49 01 6783 +91 11 49 01 6784 +91 11 49 01 6785 WhatsApp number: +91-8010611290 NGO assistance for Sikhs and Hindus, coordinating with Indian Govt: +91 98107 90373


Processing expedited visas and consular services for those who would ordinarily be eligible to enter Pakistan. Will issue emergency visas for journalists, NGO staff and diplomats. You can walk in to the Embassy to get these visas; no appointment necessary.

WhatsApp Visa Officer: (+93) 70 072 8627 Visa Assistance: (+93) 78 632 4769 Ambassador’s Office: (+93) 70 730 0900 Iran

Will support Shi’a Muslims in exiting the country, though have a significantly reduced diplomatic presence: only Kabul and Herat remain, (+93) 20 210 1391 - 97 (Kabul), (+93) 40-220 013 (+93) 40--225 821 / 0 (Herat)


Entry via third countries remains possible; with some limited border flow anticipated to be available: only to those who would normally be eligible for an Uzbek visa. Processes are delayed. Ethnic Uzbeks encouraged to, (+93) 20-250-04-31 (Kabul) (+93) 50 200-27-13 (Mazar)


Entry via third countries remains possible; with some limited border flow anticipated to be available: only to those who would normally be eligible for a Tajik visa. Processes are delayed. Ethnic Tajiks encouraged to, (+93) 784 098 355 (Kabul), (+93) 793 267 245 (Fayzabad), (+93) 79 826 5872 (Kunduz), (+93) 79 944 8301 (Mazar)


Ethnic Kazakhs may apply for entry permits and visas, depending on existing documentation, at the Embassy, which remains open though operated by a significantly reduced number of staff. (+93) 20-230-05-52 (+93) 78-755-50-11


Entry for Chinese citizens and visa holders. Processes may be delayed due to a local stay-at-home order given to Chinese nationals. Emergency papers available for nationals married to Chinese (+93) 20 210 2545 (Kabul)

New Zealand

People who helped the NZDF, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, police, or gave assistance to the Operation Burnham inquiry. This includes contractors. Their families, partners and children can be included in the request to (Embassy in Iran is accredited for Afghanistan)United

Arab Emirates

Afghans who supported the UAE humanitarian work in the country are not regarded to be at high risk; but you may wish to enquire with the staff about potential paperwork to allow for entry on routes to the US if you supported multiple, (+93) 78 686 8687 Israel

Afghans or other residents of Afghanistan who are Jewish may apply for assistance.+972 (0) 25 30 3155 (Jerusalem as Embassy)

Notes for Foreign Citizens

Australian Citizens:

AUS citizens in Kabul should have been at the North Gate of HKIA (8pm 17/08 in GMT+4:30) for evacuation via Hercules aircraft. Immediately contact staff if you did not make it at +61 2 6261 3305, or via text on +61 421 269 080. My current understanding is that the jet will remain at Al-Dhafra, UAE until Australian officials can confirm all evacuations are complete: reach out fast!

British Citizens:

If you are stuck in Afghanistan, please contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office immediately. You can reach them via email at, or by phone at either +44 (0) 1908 516666 or +44 (0)20 7008 5000. You will hear a menu of options, and you should select ‘Consular Services for British Nationals.’

Canadian Citizens:

If you need assistance to leave Afghanistan, please contact the government on, or by phone at +1-613-996-8885. You can also text +1 613-686-3658.

Finnish Citizens:

If you are in Afghanistan, and did not file a travel registration form prior to arriving/have not contacted the embassy, you should immediately contact them on +358 9 1605 5555 or by e-mail at The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes they have made contact with all Finnish citizens; so if you have not heard from them - contact them immediately.

Hungarian Citizens:

The Hungarian government at this time is not confident in their assessment of the number, geographical distribution or status of its nationals in Afghanistan. You should contact them to ensure they are aware of your location, contact details and passport information at +36-1-458-1178 or +36-1-458-1253, or via email at