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Coronavirus Vs Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic has caused exceptionally challenging and worrying times for each and every one of us. The effects of loneliness, social distancing, lockdown, financial strains, the loss or potential loss of loved ones to the virus and the over-consumption of stress-inducing media reports is taking a huge toll on our mental health and wellbeing; and will continue to have lasting effects long after lockdown is over.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic will leave a deep and lasting impact on the mental health of millions in this country alongside untold damage across the world. The devastating loss of life, the impact of lockdown and loneliness, the trauma experienced by our NHS front line staff and the inevitable recession that lies ahead will affect all of us as a community.

Prioritising mental health has never been more critical than it is now. New mental health problems have developed as a result of the global pandemic and existing mental health problems have gotten worse at an unprecedented rate, as a result local services are struggling to keep up.

Charities among other organisations have worked tirelessly to fill this void with the aim of supporting those experiencing adverse mental health and are proving to be exceptional sources of information, support and signposting.

Social factors that include- though are not limited to; debt, disability, loneliness, unemployment and substance abuse are known stressors for creating adverse mental health for an individual.

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