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Armed Forces Day 2021

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

SEPAR International has a strong military connection and holds the armed forces close to it's heart!

Our CEO Stephen Smith is a former member of the Armed Forces serving in both 9 Parachute Squadron and the Pathfinders during his 15 years service and several of our colleagues are ex-forces or are forces family members.

We all celebrate this special day with our ongoing support for our boys and girls who give so much across our three armed forces. Back in 2017 we signed the Armed Forces Covenant becoming a forces friendly business who encourage those leaving or those already out into new careers and we look forward to working towards our Gold member status later on in the year.

What is the Armed Forces Covenant?

To those who proudly protect our nation, who do so with honour, courage, and commitment, the Armed Forces Covenant is the nation’s commitment to you. It is a pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

Ex-forces members are highly valuable members of society with their driven, ambitious attitude and worldwide experience, we are always looking for new talented members for our team if you think you would fit in our team send us your CV!

From our grandparents in World War 2 to the boys and girls currently serving in Afghanistan and beyond SEPAR International salutes each and every one of you!!

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