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All the way from Ukraine

The little dog all the way from Irpin has arrived in the UK!!!

After a long month of organisation and paperwork our beautiful boy has finally arrived at his forever home!

To see how far he has come is just astounding, from the frightened little dog hiding in a hole next to a burnt out car to a beautiful boy playing and running around in the Herefordshire countryside.

His journey started from his time in war torn Irpin to a colleague's father's house in Kyiv. He was then transported to Lviv and over the border to Poland where he stayed overnight with our driver, the next day through to Germany to overnight once more and then onto France where Kuz our Logistics manager was able to pick him up. Kuz then travelled back across to Hereford and safely delivered him to his forever home with our Project Manager Lukas and his family.

Sepoid has become a much loved member of the family and of the office where he spends his days being fussed over by all of our team.

A huge thanks go out to Dane for finding him, Kuz for organising everything to get him here and to Lukas for adopting him xxxx

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