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Paul Vickery


Trauma & Medical

Paul, otherwise known as ‘Vic’, has over 33 years’ exemplary military service, of which the latter 19yrs were part of a specialist niche organisation, where he was awarded a Meritorious Medal for his outstanding service. During this time he has been highly trained in providing medical skills as a Patrol medic, often in hostile and remote areas.  He has had to use some of these vital skills ‘real time’, providing life-saving skills to his team.  

In 2007, he specialised his skills and became a state registered civilian paramedic, passing an intensive paramedic course, meeting the high standards required. He has manned ambulances and solo emergency vehicles, facing a variety of civilian incidents and scenarios, where his life-saving skills were tested.

Vic has also supported numerous expeditions to extreme and remote areas as an expedition medic, and also a team member.  He has trekked to both the Geographic North and South Poles, the Himalayas, and climbed in the Andes.  Vic is used to dealing with scenarios in remote areas often with little equipment and little support.  He has completed a diploma in Emergency and Primary Healthcare, in which his paper was written on the effects of high altitude during his expedition to the Andes.  He has also studied at the University of Glamorgan achieving a Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert) in medicine in austere environments, where his paper detailed him dealing with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, leading to him saving a team member. 

Vic has since become a fully trained First Aid and Mental health Instructor in providing this knowledge, skills and experience, in delivering realistic First Aid training and consultancy for numerous working environments. 

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