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Mike Millet


Security & Safety

Mike is a certified safety and security professional with a wide range of
operational experience. His knowledge is based upon real world operations in any
number or type of environments to include: Australia, Africa, the Middle East, North,
South, and Central America, Europe, and Asia. Mike has served as a Professional
Instructor (Risk Management/Austere Environment/Personal and Travel Safety),
President/Chief Strategy Officer and Director of multiple companies, a Senior Crisis and
Security Consultant (Television Production/Business/High Net Worth families), Special
Operations Team Leader and as a Protective Security Detail Team Lead.

Mike’s responsibilities have included leadership development, planning, and execution
of strategic projects across a wide cross-section of industries. These include Fortune
rated companies, government sector and on-location production safety/security
coordination for multiple television shows. This has been achieved via thorough
contingency planning and communication, emergency liaison planning, and a keen
understanding of project requirements. He has successfully demonstrated the ability to
implement bespoke multi-faceted plans without interrupting project timelines or the
strategic goals of the stakeholder team. Mike employs scalable solutions and training,
relationship management, and a respectful laid-back approach to facilitate the success
of the overall project. His experience is demonstrated in its execution.

Mike served in the U.S. Army 75 th  Ranger Regiment and is also a Distinguished Honor
Graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. He has served with the Army and
Government agencies in Iraq and is a veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mike is a graduate of a Department of State’s Certified High
Threat Dignitary Protection course as well as an approved Department of State
Protective Specialist Instructor.

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