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Lee Parker

Managing Director

SEPAR International Group

As our Managing Director Lee is responsible for developing and shaping SEPAR international agenda, including liaison with governments, external stakeholders and our Infrastructure, services and Innovation.


Lee is SEPAR’s key spokesperson and has responsibility for political relationships and influencing across these areas.


Lee joined SEPAR in 2020 and has covered a range of sectors including Humanitarian, NGO, Media, manufacturing, small business and financial services since coming on board.

Lee has led SEPARs work on competition, corporate governance as well as campaigns to champion our work in hostile locations in Asia, working with governments to facilitate support services. His latest remit is setting up Visa vetting centres in Afghanistan along with liaising with governments for third country platforms and the opening of our new office in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Immediately prior to taking up his current role, Lee was consulting SEPAR with responsibility for our strategy, people and governance.

Lee has considerable experience of engaging with government, regulators and senior business leaders. He is a member of SEPAR’s senior leadership team and sits on its board

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