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A potential vulnerability for anyone working in hostile environments is their vehicle and driver.  The vehicle and driver are generally the most important safety tool and can quickly get someone into a dangerous situation rather than out of it.  

Driver Skills Training


Training is to improve and develop your driver’s practical and mental skills including planning, risk management, safety, vehicle knowledge and function.

The training that your personnel receive will be current and relevant, offering information and experience for your employees to help them work safely and look after your vehicles and other employees.

Participants will receive a SEPAR International certificate and a 6-monthly refresher course is advised.

Our USP is that we offer a predominantly practical skills course that develops the driver to take ownership of planning, security and client care.

SEPAR International has also designed a concise Driver’s Manual which is available with checklists in a number of different languages.

Driver skills training focuses on the more practical aspects, curriculum includes:

Route de-confliction



Route selection

Vehicle checks and suitability

Emergency action skills

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