Image by Joseph Ndungu

SEPAR | Africa

SEPAR Africa, is able to provide experienced expatriate and local specialists in security management, digital security, psychosocial care and logistical support.

  • Experienced and location-based organisation

  • Registered and licensed in Kenya

  • Security risk management

  • Intelligence and information

  • Emergency Accommodation

  • Visa, Government Visa, Government and legal

  • Expatriate Risk Manager and Trainers

  • 24-7 Incident Response

  • Full security solutions

  • Training options and three localised training locations (Nairobi and Limuru)

  • National coverage and access with alternative transport options with regional agreements for transportation and assets as well as local media liaison

  • Regional facilitation


Upcoming Events

  • HEAT - Kabul
    Sun, 03 Oct
    Kabul, Afghanistan
    03 Oct, 08:30 GMT+4:30 – 06 Oct, 12:30 GMT+4:30
    Kabul, Afghanistan
    CPD Accredited - Hostile Environment Awareness Training. 4 day training for Media, NGO’s, Business Travellers and professionals travelling to challenging or hostile locations.