Community Outreach

As part of our corporate social responsibility for the community that we work in, SEPAR International currently participates in a number of community outreach projects in Afghanistan. From our experience over the past decade with the media and a number of NGOs in refugee and IDP camps, SEPAR International has recognized a need to provide help to positively impact on the community.

Our work includes providing supplies and warm clothing to a number of refugees/internally displaced people (IDP) located in makeshift camps in Kabul. We achieve this with a number of local partners and our own employees.

The activity is supported by a school project based in the UK, where the children have produced a presentation ‘Save our Feet’ and manage the collection and project development to help the many children that roam with bare feet amongst these makeshift camps.

SEPAR also conducts basic medical training to Afghan NGOs to help develop skills particularly where the organisation doesn’t have the financial ability to provide personal investment.

Future community outreach work will see similar projects in Kurdistan.

If you are interested in the SEPAR International community outreach program or if you are an organisation that requires help in similar activities, then please contact us

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